Award-winning design in a new high-tech titanium housing

We now offer the large UNO 24 model in a titanium housing. It consists of three housing parts, each with specialized titanium grades.

In contrast to the predecessor model with its two-tone stainless steel housing, the new titanium housing of the UNO 24 plus titan is now naturally monochrome. For the titanium version, a special screw-on back has been developed to facilitate battery replacement and servicing.

Elegant, light and exclusive

Titanium is characterised by outstanding strength values and low weight at the same time. In addition, it has excellent skin compatibility and very good electrical and magnetic properties. Depending on the type of titanium, one or the other of these properties are predominant. Due to our unconventional housing design with three specified titanium grades, we combine these properties in an ideal way.

The new BOTTA titanium housings are considerably lighter due to the use of these high-tech materials and their typical titanium appearance is even more exclusive and refined than conventional stainless steel housings. The titanium alloys used are considerably more expensive than normal stainless steel alloys and the workmanship is also much more demanding. This makes the new UNO 24 plus not only a design masterpiece, but also an unconventional technical masterpiece.

This is how the new UNO 24 plus titan is constructed:

The top ring that surrounds the sapphire crystal is subjected to the most intensive mechanical stress. Accordingly, we manufacture it from a particularly hard, resistant special titanium alloy. This alloy is normally used primarily in turbine and aircraft construction, where maximum resilience is essential.

The middle part of the housing is made of low-alloyed pure titanium. Compared to unalloyed pure titanium, it has significantly higher strength values. This titanium grade combines biocompatibility with very good strength properties.

The screwable housing base is made of a titanium alloy, which is preferably used in medical technology and thus ensures optimal skin compatibility.

This construction with three different materials provides the best wearing characteristics while at the same time offering high durability.

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Titanium – the precious lightweight metal
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