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Wristwatches are mobile time indicators, but at the same time always a mirror of personality. Your watch should suit the specific occasion, as well as underline your very individual character.

BOTTA stands for a conscious use of time whereby it focuses especially on the human being. Accordingly, you will find in our portfolio four categories with very different display principles – the BOTTA quadrology. Every watch model from BOTTA stands for a convincing time concept with a consistent logical structure and individual statement.

BOTTA quadrology, 12-h one-hand-watches, 24-h one-hand-watches, 12-h multi-hand-watches, 24-h multi-hand-watches

The quadrology is a system that divides our watch assortment into four logical areas.

In the upper half of the diagram you will find all single-handed watches. In the lower half are the multi-hand watches. On the left are the 12-hour watches and on the right the 24-hour watches.

Let yourself be inspired by the concept that appeals to you the most. Here you will surely find the watch that suits you and underlines your personality. No matter which BOTTA watch you choose, you will always find an original.

12-Hour One-Hand Watches

The one-hand originals: The very relaxed form of time display. The UNO and NOVA models combine maximum overview with intuitive time representation. For people with an eye for the essentials and a relaxed approach to time.

24-Hour One-Hand Watches

The UNO 24 represents the entire day on the dial. At the same time the hour hand follows the course of the sun. For people who appreciate the most natural form of time display. Unconventional, but consistently logical.

12-Hour Multi-Hand Watches

Classic time representation interpreted in a modern way. With the TRES, the accuracy of the display meets a calm, functional design. For those with a preferance for clear thinking and refined details.

24-Hour Multi-Mand Watches

The 24-hour watches with exact minute and second display. The TRES 24 is unusual but thoroughly logical. For friends of unconventional watches with high quality and design standards.

Author Klaus Botta

Klaus Botta ist ein deutscher Industriedesigner. Bekanntheit erlangte er durch die Entwicklung der Einzeiger-Armbanduhr und löste damit einen Trend aus, dem andere Hersteller folgten. Bis heute fasziniert ihn der bewusste Umgang mit Zeit. So entstanden viele weitere ungewöhnliche Zeitkonzepte, in denen der Mensch, das Maß der Dinge ist.

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