The UNO 24 with its white dial, designed in 2008 by Klaus Botta, the developer of the modern one-hand watch, still has many friends today who miss it and keep asking for it. That’s why the original UNO 24 from BOTTA is now being reissued in a limited special edition and three different bundles, each with 3 interchangeable wristbands.

24h one-hand-watch UNO 24 titan | BOTTA design

Original dial in new titanium case

Klaus Botta wrote design and watch history with his one-hand watches; national and international awards and loyal fans confirm his vision of a reduced approach to time. Even after more than 30 years, the original UNO 24 is as timeless and modern as it was then – probably one of the reasons why it is still unforgotten and in demand today.

Now the 24-hour one-hand watch with the white dial is limited to 100 copies and will be reissued. New is the high-quality titanium case in the current case architecture, which is water-protected up to 5 atmospheres. Watch enthusiasts also have a choice of three bundles with high-quality textile, leather, rubber and metal straps, which can be changed depending on the occasion and mood.

24h one-hand-watch UNO 24 titan | BOTTA design

The bundle versions at a glance

  • the black bundle: UNO 24 white with textile strap, black nappa-leather strap and black rubber strap
  • the white bundle: UNO 24 white with textile strap, white nappa-leather strap and white rubber strap
  • the metal bundle: UNO 24 white with textile strap, nappa leather strap and stainless steel link strap

All bundles are delivered with a set of tools and instructions so that the straps can be changed easily and safely. On request, the preferred combination can be delivered pre-configured.

Author Klaus Botta

Klaus Botta ist ein deutscher Industriedesigner. Bekanntheit erlangte er durch die Entwicklung der Einzeiger-Armbanduhr und löste damit einen Trend aus, dem andere Hersteller folgten. Bis heute fasziniert ihn der bewusste Umgang mit Zeit. So entstanden viele weitere ungewöhnliche Zeitkonzepte, in denen der Mensch, das Maß der Dinge ist.

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