20. November 2019

UNO 24 plus titan

The UNO 24-Plus models with a diameter of 45 mm now have a completely redesigned,…
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8. November 2019

All-round carefree Christmas package

Are you looking for a personal gift for someone close to your heart? BOTTA watches…
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BOTTA design UNO 24 plus Einzeigeruhr
12. September 2019

Will smartwatches supersede conventional wristwatches?

Smartwatches are often referred to as the future of the wristwatch. But can they really…
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27. August 2019

Simplicity is the true luxury of the present day

Klaus Botta on the longing for simplification and peace, caused by growing complexity.
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19. August 2019

Original UNO 24 from BOTTA now in limited special edition and three attractive bundles

The original UNO 24 one-hand watch, designed by Klaus Botta in 2008, still has many…
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7. August 2019

Statement against stress – one hand watches from BOTTA help you keep your calm

Those who do not count every second, live more relaxed. That's why one-hand watches are…
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31. July 2019

What does a watch tell us about its wearer?

Text: Klaus Botta Experts believe that a wristwatch reflects its wearer’s personality more than any…
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BOTTA – NOVA plus Quarz Einzeiger-Armbanduhr
5. July 2019

What is sapphire glass and what does a high-quality anti-reflective coating do?

The advantages of sapphire glass in BOTTA watches and which watch crystals are there at…
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